Giving Back

Reel Gardening is a social enterprise and so the more we sell, the more we give.

Should you want to let us know of a school that would benefit from a garden, please download our schools nomination form. Once completed by both yourself and the school, send it through to

Reel Gardening has been specifically designed to enable impoverished communities lacking in water and education. Reel Gardening therefore has a strong focus on both School and Community Garden solutions through our 200m2 Garden in a Box and our National training offering. 

Reel Gardening’s approach can be duplicated over time to fill up a dedicated area creating a sustainable, holistic food security alternative which empowers the beneficiaries by enabling them to plant the garden perfectly themselves and with Reel Gardening saving 80% of water during the germination phase, the communities can take care of the garden without worrying about exorbitant water usage.

Reel Gardening offers this approach for corporate CSI initiatives, Government funded projects or NGO partnerships.

Download our School Nomination Form

Download our Community Growers Proposal

Download our School Project Proposal