Reel Life NPO


Reel Life is a Non Profit Company (NPC) aligned to Reel Gardening. It focuses on the implementation of sustainable community garden projects utilizing the Reel Gardening technology. Through the many gardening projects Reel Gardening has worked on we have realised the need for a wide variety of community development initiatives to come together to form the complete solution to the livelihood needs of communities. Reel Life therefore creates an environment in which partnerships between other service providers can thrive adding depth to the projects we create.

Reel Life offers an holistic solution to community development needs with regard to food security, that includes, but is not limited to, vegetable gardening. Other offerings include assets based project planning, sustainable livelihoods analysis, small business training, chicken farming, preserving and storage of vegetables, health and nutrition from the vegetable garden. Reel Life is able to act in a ‘project management’ role, bringing together various stakeholders to provide the complete monitored solution. Reel Life combines business skills with content on vegetable gardening, chicken farming, preservation and storage, adding value to your produce, to enable small enterprises to be formed.