Peas need to be planted in full sun
It will take 7-14 days to germinate
It will take 80 days to harvest
Basic Care Mulch them to save water and trellis them to support their growth.
The peas can withstand shade well.
Companion Planting Don’t plant peas with onion.
Peas like to be planted with beans and sweetcorn.
Common Peas Pests Cutworms, caterpillars, aphids
How to harvest Harvest the peas once they swell.
You can harvest a few immature peas to encourage the growth, and then harvest twice a week.
The more you harvest the more will grow, so pick them regularly.
Saving Seed Choose one or two of the best plants to save seed from.
Allow the pods to dry on the plant towards the end of the growing period.
Open the peas and take out seed. Then dry the seed for storage.
Store the seeds in a cool dry place. The seed will then last up for to 3-5 years.
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