Green pepper needs to be planted in full sun
It will take 10 – 18 days to germinate
It will take 60 – 70 days to harvest
Green pepper does not tolerate frost
Basic Care  
If you leave them on the plant, they will turn yellow and then red.
Mulch them to save water and trellis them to support their growth.
Shade them with a twig or leaves until they are well established.
Companion Planting Green Peppers are medium feeders and like to be planted with onion and basil.
Don’t plant the green peppers with or after potatoes, tomatoes or eggplant!
Common Green Pepper Pests Cutworms, caterpillars, aphids
Nutritional Value The longer the peppers stay on the plant the higher is the vitamin C content.
How to harvest Harvest the green peppers once they have reached the desired size.
Harvest them by cutting the stem 1cm from the pepper with a scissor or a knife. The more peppers you harvest the more will grow, so pick them regularly.
Do not store them with apples or strawberries.
Saving Seed Choose one or two of the best peppers to save seed from.
Cut them open and scrape out the seed.
Dry the seed for storage. It is dry enough when it will slide across paper/a plate or when it breaks when being folded.
Store the seeds in a cool dry place. If you do so, the seed will last for up to 3-5 years.
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