Companies utilise Reel Gardening products as a platform for brand related communication through our custom branded solutions. Reel Gardening has completed bookmarks for exclusive books, gift tags for Sappi and Magazine inserts for Sun International and we are currently rolling out a national promotional campaign with  Unilever’s Rajah brand.

Reel Gardening products can be custom branded in the manner that suits each company and the specific promotion.

The Reel Gardening packaging inserts are easily branded to provide an eye-catching and informational backdrop to the product. Alternatively the new biodegradable box packaging can be completely branded to suit the specific campaign.

The physical Reel Gardening seed tape can itself be branded should the volume required warrant this. On custom printed seed tape orders we will need orders of 50 000 units or more to make this process feasible.

Reel Gardening uses biodegradable paper to produce the seed tape as well as eco-friendly ink that will not cause any harm to the soil or to the seed once the paper degrades, creating additional compost for the plant. The custom branded seed tape allows the customer to continuously keep the company and the promotional product front of mind throughout the enjoyable gardening experience.

Reel Gardening custom branding creates a bold, appealing, environmentally beneficial and absolutely unique promotional product that  is not only eye-catching but topical among customers as well. 

Tailor made offerings
We have extensive experience in putting together tailor made solutions for our clients. Get hold of us to help you with any gardening, wellness or healthy living campaign. As Reel Gardening is a versatile product, it offers an organic, environmentally friendly unique solution to corporate branded communitcation.

Custom Branded Packs
We can easily put together custom branded packs that include you're companies logo and artwork and that convey your special message. These are a hit whether they are used for give-aways to enhance staff wellness, brand activation campaigns, or cause related campaigns. We can put together single variety packs, seasonal gardens, or complete vegetable gardens, specifically tailored to your budget and objectives. 

Branded Strips
Ideal for larger campaigns: A custom branded seed strip is great as a give-away for a brand activation campaign, corporate gifting or a cause related marketing campaign. The strips provide a unique medium through which to tell your story, and increase recognition for your brand.

Brands who Reel Gardening are proud to say they have offered custom branded and corporate communication solutions for :

We can make up custom branded packs for specialised campaigns, give-aways or brand-activation strategies. 
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