Bojelong Primary School

Bojelong Primary School was one of the beneficiaries of the Peermont Schools Support Programme’s ‘beautiful edible gardens’ initiative. This project saw four Johannesburg schools, in collaboration with Reel Gardening, transforming previously dead and dreary space within their schools into inviting living classrooms that serve as centres of learning. Bojelong Primary School showed enormous enthusiasm for the garden and worked closely with Reel Gardening to produce an educational, edible, beautiful garden in an accessible space within the school. Despite initial challenges, the school Greening Committee has been able to maintain this wonderful, praise-worthy garden for their learners.

Clover Mama Esther

The Gardening Project at Mama Esther’s Safe Haven in Mpumalanga was sponsored by the Clover Mama Africa initiative. This project aimed to address the basic need for food security and health in a format that increases education, nutrition levels, responsibility and environmental care at the centre. Mama Esther takes in women and children in need of support and protection and offers them a safe place and a loving new family. All residents of the centre, approximately 50 people, are required to contribute to its everyday functioning, with even the group of little girls who bake and sell cupcakes helping to bring in additional income for school uniforms. The project saw the Reel Gardening Team working with residents of the centre of all ages, especially the older boys taking agriculture as a subject at school. From the commencement of this project in July 2013 until its close out, the garden and those trained with Mama Esther grew from strength to strength. The garden flourished as the garden tenders implemented a great deal of the methodology taught by Reel Gardening. This wonderful garden continues to provide a nutritious meal to those living at Mama Esther’s Safe Haven.

JGS Farming and Projects Co-Op

Joel Mnisi and his extraordinarily dedicated team have developed a wonderful garden through hard work and exceptional commitment. Siyabonga Africa funded this garden as part of a Sustainable Garden Project targeting five Co-Op’s in the Ekurhuleni area. The JGS Farming and Projects Co-Op fully embraced the Reel Gardening training and implemented their new skills with passion and enthusiasm. The immaculately cared for garden has produced an impressive yield which the Co-Op is now able to sell to a rapidly growing market in the Brakpan area. With the increasing success of this project, Joel is growing his team and expanding his garden, now fully equipped with the knowledge and skills he needs to develop a thriving business.

Ekurhuleni Farming Projects

Buyile and his team have taken the Ekurhuleni Farming Projects Co-Op from strength to strength with the assistance of Siyabonga Africa. This project, located at a school in Kwa-Thema, serves to supplement the school feeding scheme and generate an income for the members of the Co-Op. The Co-Op have used the Reel Gardening training to overcome their challenges and to produce an abundant and thriving garden. The success of this project rests on the enthusiasm and hard work of the members of the Ekurhuleni Farming Projects Co-Op.

St Barnabas College

ATKV has funded a Greening Project with four schools in the South West of Johannesburg. Each of these schools has been identified based on their need for and commitment to a vegetable garden. Reel Gardening is excited to work with the Grade 11 girls at St Barnabas College as their dedication to the garden has strong ties to the birth of Reel Gardening under Claire Reid. ATKV and Reel Gardening conducted training with some of the girls staying in the school hostel. These girls will be responsible for the garden and will sell the vegetables back to their school kitchen in order to earn some disposable income. The girls were very enthusiastic and eager to make this project a success. Reel Gardening looks forward to continuing this project in spring 2014.

Eldocrest Primary School

Eldocrest Primary School, through ATKV, received a Reel Gardening sustainable vegetable garden and training in March 2014. This garden comes at a time when the school desperately needs to supplement their school feeding scheme such that they can continue to provide fresh, nutritious meals to the learners. Reel Gardening was very impressed with the work ethic and willingness to learn of the Community Workers Programme members that will be caring for the garden on behalf of the school. After a fruitful initial training and planting day, Reel Gardening is looking forward to the rest of the project.

Epworth Children's Village

The Nashua Children’s Charity Foundation sponsored a garden at the Epworth Children’s Village in Lambton Johannesburg with the intention of providing a sustainable food security solution that not only provides wonderfully nutritious vegetables for the children but also reduces the Village’s monthly expenditure. The Village had a dedicated team of grounds staff and caregivers to maintain the garden, overcome the challenges and ensure success through hard work. The training was put to good use and Reel Gardening was thrilled to hear about the meals prepared with produce from the garden. Reel Gardening is happy to have had an opportunity to work with a facility that has been caring for children and their families for 99 years!

Nkanyezi Stimulation Centre

The Nkanyezi Stimulation Centre in Soweto is a safe place for approximately 35 children with multiple disabilities. Ma Prisca, the centre founder, works tirelessly with a dedicated team to ensure that these children reach their greatest potential through care and stimulation whilst also providing a nutritious meal. As such, the garden sponsored by Nashua Mobile and the Nashua Children’s Charity Foundation was received with much excitement. The Nashua Mobile team worked with Reel Gardening to plant out the existing space at the centre and to train the caretakers in gardening practice that is free from chemicals and which ensures a continuous and sustainable harvest. The Centre has worked extremely hard to maintain and care for their garden and thus far have not only been able to feed the children but also sell extra produce for additional income.

Parktown Public School Food Garden

In 2013 and 2014 the Parktown Public School in Johannesburg was assisted by the Adair family and Reel Gardening to expand their existing vegetable garden. A larger, organic garden would not only allow the school to feed more children healthy, nutritious meals as part of their school feeding scheme but would also make their garden a sustainable asset. The school’s grounds staff as well as a Natural Sciences teacher and her Grade 6 class underwent the Reel Life training such that they were equipped with the knowledge to care for and maintain their new garden.

The Lonely Road Foundation Drop-In Centre Sustainable Food Gardens

Reel Gardening in collaboration with The Lonely Road Foundation and the Nashua Mobile team worked to implement sustainable vegetable gardens at 15 Drop-In Centres in the Ga-Dikgale community in Polokwane. These Drop-In Centres prioritise the provision of food and water, care, shelter and education to orphaned and vulnerable children with this community. In order to adequately care for the large number of children relying on the Centres for support, a vegetable garden is a necessity. Of the 15 Centres, most were incredibly successful with caretakers able to provide local, nutritious, fresh vegetables to their beneficiaries and selling the extra produce to the local community for additional income. Therefore this project not only ensured vegetables for the children but also guaranteed a regular, local supply of fresh vegetables to the surrounding community; ensuring the stimulation of the local economy and increasing the levels of nutrition at the same time.

The Lonely Road Foundation Drop-In Centre Entrepeneurship Training

Reel Gardening and The Lonely Road Foundation once again joined forced together with KidiWorld to further empower the community of Ga-Dikgale by providing the Drop-In Centres with extensive entrepreneurial and small business development training. It is imperative that each of these Centres become self-sufficient such that they can provide this valuable service to the community indefinitely. This project, made possible by Humanity United, kicked off in February 2014 and will run until February 2015. The first stage of this project saw 6 Drop-In Centres undergoing an intensive training week focused on basic entrepreneurial skills and the identification of business that can be started to sustain the centres and generate an income for the community members. The training was received with great enthusiasm as many of the participants were excited to apply their new skills to their existing vegetable gardens at the Centres. Reel Gardening is very excited to continue with this project in the coming months, assisting with their gardens and nurturing the development of these small businesses.

Tsietsi Mashinini Refugee Centre

Private funder Derek Alberts in collaboration with the Jewish Women’s Association funded the transformation of the unused space at the Tsietsi Mashinini Refugee Centre in Soweto into a self-sustainable vegetable garden that can provide all the vegetable requirements of the kitchen. The evolution of this space over the yearlong project was spectacular to witness as residents of the Centre began to request their own spaces to grow as well. The communal vegetable garden as well as these small private spaces expanded to include every inch of available space at the Centre. By the end of the project Reel Gardening was conducting workshops on growing in small spaces and found containers in an effort to allow the centre to continue to grow. The enormous success of the project and the great enthusiasm for vegetable gardening seen at the Centre was inspiring and heart-warming.

The Lonely Road Foundation Drop-In Centre Entrepeneurship Training