Seeds to be planted in full sun
It will take 10 – 14 days to germinate
It will take 90 days to harvest
Is a heavy feeder if planted in rich soil
Prefers cooler weather
Basic Care Add a liquid fertiliser during every three weeks for the best results.
Although cabbage is a heavy feeder, too much nitrogen causes the cabbage head to split. Fertilise it with a balanced fertiliser.
Companion Planting Deter the pests by planting the cabbage among other herbs like oregano, sage, thyme and coriander.
Plant it with onions and nasturtium to keep away the pests.Cabbage is a heavy feeder. Plant it after beans, peas or a cover crop and compost well to achieve the best results.
Do not plant cabbage with tomato or pepper!
Common Cabbage Pests Birds, slugs, snails, aphids , cutworm, caterpillar & cabbage moth.
How to harvest Harvest the heads when they are firm all the way through when you squeeze them.
Cut the heads with a knife at the lowest point possible.
Leave the roots in the ground if you want it to re-grow next season, otherwise just pull the whole plant out.
Saving Seed Leave 1 or 2 plants over winter to go to seed – cabbage only produces seed after the second year. A tall flower stalk with yellow flowers will grow.
Pods will grow from the stalk. Let the flowers and pods dry out, pick the pods and separate the seeds from the pods.
Store the seeds in a cool dry place. The seeds will then last for up to 5 years.
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