" People put money into people"

" When you know what your passion is, start focussing on that"

Claire Reid
CEO and Entrepreneur

Claire has been a keynote speaker since the age of 16 where she spoke in Los Angeles to an audience of over 3000 people. She has since perected the art of public speaking and has given talks in New York, London, Los Angeles and all over South Africa over the last 10 years. Her speeches inspire entrepreneurs to make something concrete out of their ideas and to persevere no matter how many people reject them.

Claire has been a guest speaker at numerous events including the Womans Legacy Dialogue at the Sandton Sun, City Bank Womans forum, Agricultural womans conference 2011 at the Indaba Hotel and the Anglo American Womans Day Brunch.

If you would like to enquire about having Claire speaking at your event please contact us with your name, contact details, and a brief description of your event, including dates, times, location etc. Reel Gardening will contact you shortly.


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