Beetroot needs to be planted in full sun
It will take 8 – 18 days to germinate
It will take 60 – 70 days to harvest
Beetroot can withstand light frost
Basic Care    
Beetroot needs regular water. It will bolt if it does not get enough water or if it is too cold. In addition weeding is important.
The beetroot will need to be thinned out, and seedlings need to be transplanted.
Add the beetroot’s leaves to the compost heap.
Companion Planting Plant the beetroot with garlic chives to keep pests away. You can also plant it with cabbage, broccoli, onions, beans and lettuce.
Common Beetroot Pests Cutworms, birds, slugs, snails. 
Nutritional Value The beetroot’s leaves and roots are edible
The roots are high in Vitamin C and the leaves high in Vitamin A
How to Harvest When the top emerges from the soil you should begin to harvest
As with carrots check the width of the beetroot with your finger in the soil around the beet.
Loosen the soil around the root and pull it from the soil gently
In wet climates remove it from the soil before the roots rot.
Beetroot can be stored for several months in a cool dark place separated by sand or straw. If the roots touch they will spoil.
Saving Seed Like spinach, the beetroot will flower and seed in the second year. Leave 1 or 2 plants to grow tall and flower.
Let the plant dry out and harvest the dried flower clusters.
Store the seeds in a cool dry place. If you do so, the seed will last for 3-4 years.
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