Let’s face it, we have lost connection with the earth and where our food comes from. Most people have never tried to grow their own food and the ones that have, have probably failed. Reel Gardening was invented with a mission to get more people growing in whatever small space they have available in as little time as possible.

We believe that your garden should be quick, easy and fun to plant and need only 5 minutes of your time daily to care for it. That’s why we developed our complete kits and our app.

What is Reel Gardening?

Reel Gardening is a patented biodegradable seed tape which anchors seed and nutrients at the correct depth and distance apart. To plant, place the paper vertically in the soil with the coloured portion visible above the soil. The plants emerge correctly spaced, differentiated from weeds and the paper eventually decomposes to produce compost in the soil. Reel Gardening hosts a variety of benefits making it more successful than traditional seed.

How Reel Gardening Seed Tape Works

 How does Reel Gardening Work

Benefits of Reel Gardening



Complete Planting Kits

Our kits are made in a traditional South African fabric called ShweShwe. This fabric is usually reserved to make dresses and headwear for special occasions. We believe that a starting a food garden is a special occasion and your garden should be something beautiful in your home which takes centre stage and becomes a feature and not an eyesore.

Reel Gardening Bag and Pot


Growing Together

We believe that the way to sustainably tackle our current food crisis is to create systemic behaviour change and get kids to both understand and enjoy the simple pleasure that is growing your own food. We achieve this through our Learn and Grow kit. Each kit creates an outdoor classroom and provides the teacher or parent with everything they need to utilise the garden as a teaching tool. We developed this kit over the past 2 years and have initially rolled them out to over 2500 schools across South Africa with great success. The kit is prices so that for every kit we sell, we are able to donate a kit to a school in need.

Reel Gardening was designed to serve these low income schools and we promise the schools that receive a donated garden that we will make sure they have enough seed tape to re-plant each year and each of our sales of our Planting bags or Pots enable us to donate seed tape re ll packs to these schools each year to ensure the learning continues. We partner with various NGO’s on the ground to make this happen.


The Planting Revolution App

All of our products link into our App which is available for free download on any device. There is a weekly animated video that simply explains what is needed by your plants that week and then the app will tell you exactly what you need to do each day according to what you planted, your Reel Garden promises to not need more than 5 minutes of your time. And the app even reminds you to water!


Don't just take our word for it...



"Your seed strips have become a wonderful part of our family life and have changed how my daughter thinks about and approaches food. I could not have sprouted her love of healthy food without your product and I am incredibly grateful."

-Malindi Widlake

"I would like to thank Reel Gardening for their kind donation of vegetable seeds. The seeds have been planted and are already yielding a great harvest which is being appreciated by the ranger staff at the Houtboschrand, Shannon and Tshokwane Ranger Stations."

- Andre Pezzutto, Chairperson SANParks

Reel Gardening is so easy to plant and is really fun. I have enjoyed using the app as it reminds me to water my garden and i can't wait to harvest my veggies which should be ready any day now. I never thought that I would be able to successfully grow my own veggies and herbs, Reel Gardening made it possible. Thank You."

- Adam Olivier




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