Reel Gardening encases natural high quality seed inside a biodegradable nutrient rich paper tape, making the growing process fast, easy and effective. Place vertically in soil with the coloured portion visible above the soil. Water daily and plants will emerge correctly spaced and protected from pests.


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"Your seed strips have become a wonderful part of our family life and have changed how my daughter thinks about and approaches food. I could not have sprouted her love of healthy food without your product and I am incredibly grateful."

-Malindi Widlake

"I would like to thank Reel Gardening for their kind donation of vegetable seeds. The seeds have been planted and are already yielding a great harvest which is being appreciated by the ranger staff at the Houtboschrand, Shannon and Tshokwane Ranger Stations."

- Andre Pezzutto, Chairperson SANParks

Reel Gardening is so easy to plant and is really fun. I have enjoyed using the app as it reminds me to water my garden and i can't wait to harvest my veggies which should be ready any day now. I never thought that I would be able to successfully grow my own veggies and herbs, Reel Gardening made it possible. Thank You."

- Adam Olivier

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Watch this video to find out more about Reel Gardening and how we create positive social impact.

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